I started out as a graphic designer after graduating from the University of Plymouth with a BA in Packaging Design. After graduating I gradually got more and more into photography, having purchased my first DSLR. Before that I had experienced taking and developing my own pictures using a darkroom at college. However, I always felt limited by costs so my interest never really had the chance to grow.

Over time my interest in photography grew until I had made enough different pictures to hold an exhibition. This was a great success and I received a lot of positive comments about my work. I started selling photographs and greeting cards at craft fairs throughout Somerset and held a second exhibition. By 2009 I had images published in various photography magazines and on book covers.

Since then I have worked on a wide range of projects, from commercial property shoots, to private commissions and even one dreaded wedding! I publish my own greeting cards featuring my pictures and sell them in a wide range of shops in Somerset. You can buy some from the shop if you wish. I contribute to Outdoor Photography magazine and have written articles on various locations. You can keep up to date on any new images by reading my blog.