Bluebells and Light Painting workshop

A creative workshop photographing bluebells, followed by a night visit to Avebury Stone Circle.

2nd May 2018

£110 (£30 deposit)

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Cover two very different styles of landscape photography with this two part workshop. The first part will involve photographing bluebell woodland and the second part will be spent light painting standing stones in the evening.

West Woods in Wiltshire is one of the best bluebell woodlands in southern England. It covers a large area and much of that becomes carpeted in bluebells during late spring. I've timed this workshop for when the bluebells are usually at their peak. We'll photograph the woods through the afternoon until sunset.

As it gets dark we'll visit Avebury Stone Circle to work on night images. This approach to photography can be really rewarding as you'll learn to mix natural light with artificial light from torches, using high ISO settings and various techniques to help you work in the dark.

We'll start at West Woods late afternoon (5:00pm) and spend several hours there until sunset. Afterwards we'll move to Avebury and spend the remainder of the workshop photographing the stones. The workshop will finish at approximately 10:30pm. As we'll be working in the dark part of the time it's advisable to bring a headtorch. A tripod will be necessary to achieve the long exposures required.

What to expect

Read about what happens during a landscape photography workshop.

What's included

Tuition and guidance, transport between locations, notes covering topics explained during the day.

What to bring

Camera, tripod (highly recommended), accessories (spare battery, etc), selection of lenses, filters (ND grads/polariser most useful), mobile phone, food/drink/snacks.