Camping in the Glyders

30th June 2016

The last time I visited Snowdonia was in November 2012. I stayed in a B&B for a few days with the hope of being outdoors as much as possible. Unfortunately from the moment I arrived in Llanberis the sky clouded over so I had to make the best of dull autumn light.

Breacon Beacons: the joys of snow

28th March 2016

Hiking and photographing the big landscapes of hills and mountains have for me gone hand-in-hand for a long time. Travelling on foot that means you have plenty of thinking time: plenty of time to

Da peerie trip to Shetland

11th June 2015

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Shetland, staying with my friends Marc and Rae. Marc’s working on his PhD titled “Shetland Boat: History; Folklore and construction” so he was a great source of information about the history of the islands and the part that fishing and boats have played. Shetland has over 1,600 miles of coastline

New website and logo

8th June 2015

If you’ve visited my website before you might notice a few changes – it’s been redesigned! This is a project that’s taken me a long time but it’s been well worth it. Everything’s bigger – the images, the ‘negative space’, the buttons, etc. The pictures are at the forefront, surrounded by neutral colours or white

The Billy Palmer Chronicles book cover

15th February 2010

I recently received the finished copies of the book “The Billy Palmer Chronicles” by Derek Johns. Portobello books contacted me as they wanted to use my image Holy Sunrise as the background for the book cover.