A panoramic view of Crook Peak on a misty morning in early spring, photographed from the village of Banwell, North Somerset. Image © Stephen Spraggon.

Crook Peak, Somerset


Near the village of Banwell is the site of a Roman settlement which has a superb view of the Mendip Hills to the south. I was struck by just how good the view of Crook Peak is from this site and I can't help but think (and hope) that the Romans chose this site because of it. I visited on a wonderfully crisp and still misty morning in early spring. It might look like winter but some pink flowers in the foreground are a small giveaway. The sun wasn't due to rise for another 15 minutes, hence the pastel purple hue to the sky. It was much later that the delicate layer of mist in the foreground evaporated and changed the scene considerably.

The influence behind the name of this photograph is from an artefact excavated at the site and on display at the Ashmolean Museum.

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