Switching from SLR to mirrorless: my opinion of the Nikon Z7ii

4th March 2022

Goodbye Nikon D800e, hello Z7ii. Having made the switch to mirrorless at the end of 2021, I share my reflections on the change.

Recovering corrupted RAW files

30th July 2020

Have you ever encountered a corrupted RAW file? In 15+ years of digital photography I hadn’t, until recently…

Lessons from lockdown

22nd May 2020

Lockdown has forced me to think about what I want from photography. While it’s been limiting it’s also been stimulating.

The Viewcatcher is a small plastic viewfinder.

My favourite low cost photography accessory

9th August 2019

My favourite low-cost photography accessory comes not from the photography world but from painters.

Photographing overcast weather: there is no such thing as bad light

12th July 2019

Many landscape photographers shy away from taking photos on cloudy days. That’s a great shame because taking photos on overcast days can be really rewarding.

Mobile apps for landscape photographers: my top 10

15th February 2019

There are tons of mobile apps for photographers but only some of them are really useful for landscape photography. I use 10 apps regularly and most of them are free so I’ve put together a list to share with you.

The Art of Repetition

22nd September 2018

Some of my pictures are the result of a single outing and others have involved months of effort in planning and making multiple trips. This is the story of one such image, of the Cobb in Lyme Regis.

Andoer Ball Head review

27th July 2017

On a tight budget? Want a cheap Arca-Swiss compatible alternative to the JOBY Ballhead X? The Andoer ball head could be the answer.